Indian Geography Quiz

The source of which of the following rivers is situated outside of Indian territory?
A) Satluj
B) Beas
C) Chenab
D) Jhelum
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Which national park of India is famous for one-horned Rhinoceros?
A) Corbett National Park
B) Kaziranga National Park
C) Gir National Park
D) Bandipur National Park
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According to population, which is the smallest state of India?
A) Sikkim
B) Mizoram
C) Goa
D) Tripura
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Which is the southernmost point of India?
A) Indira Point
B) Kanyakumari
C) Guhar Moti
D) Cape Comorin
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When it is 8:00 AM in New Delhi, what would be the time in Sydney (Australia)?
A) 12:30 PM
B) 3:30 PM
C) 1:30 AM
D) 3:30 AM
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India lies in which hemisphere?
A) North and East Hemisphere
B) North and West Hemisphere
C) South and East Hemisphere
D) South and West Hemisphere
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What is the name of the strait where 'Admas Bridge' situated?
A) Bering Strait
B) Cook Strait
C) Palk Strait
D) Taiwan Strait
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Which city is the capital of Odisha?
A) Rourkela
B) Cuttak
C) Bhubaneswar
D) Puri
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